SafeHouse of Shelby County offers a holistic approach to meeting both the immediate and long-term needs of survivors of domestic and sexual violence while working to prevent future violence.


Residential Services: Emergency Shelter services include housing and meals, case management, counseling, support/education groups, safety planning, childcare, and life skills classes. Supportive Housing provides community-based housing for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault who are able to live safely and independently outside of shelter. Related services include rent and utility assistance, as well as other moving expenses.


Sexual Assault Services: Forensic exams conducted by Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, advocacy services, individual, group, and family counseling support and referrals to SafeHouse residential and Community Services as needed.


Community Services: Counseling, case management, domestic and sexual violence advocacy, court accompaniment, legal representation, hospital accompaniment, safety planning, and support and educational groups.


Prevention & Intervention Education: Programming includes age-appropriate courses for high schools and community youth. Topics include healthy relationships, “red flags,” bystander approaches, communication skills, and consent. All sessions are designed to help prevent dating and sexual violence by encouraging healthy life skills. Also available are in-depth trainings designed for college students, professionals, and fellow community members focusing on the dynamics of intimate partner violence, risk factors and barriers, perpetrator tactics, and effective safety planning.