Sexual Assault Services

The SafeShelby Sexual Assault Services program provides 24/7 services for survivors of sexual assault, including forensic exams, counseling, and legal advocacy. All SafeShelby sexual assault services are free and confidential.

Forensic Exams: SafeShelby offers forensic exams performed by specially trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) in a confidential and secure facility. Advocates provide survivors with emotional support throughout the forensic exam process and can answer questions and assist with any basic needs. Forensic exams are available to all sexual assault survivors age 14+ and residing in Shelby, Clay, Coosa and Chilton Counties. In order to receive a SANE exam, the assault must have occurred within 72 hours or a special request must be received by law enforcement outside of that timeframe.

Some things to know about the forensic exam process:

  • Friends and/or family may accompany survivors and wait in the waiting room during the exam.
  • Upon arrival survivors will meet a SafeShelby Advocate who will provide support and answer questions through the duration of the visit.
  • A specially-trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner will conduct a brief interview about the assault. During a head-to-toe examination, and always with the survivor’s permission, they will collect and package physical evidence as part of what’s commonly called a “rape kit.”
  • A survivor’s clothes and/or undergarments may need to be kept as evidence. If this is the case, clothing will be provided.
  • A shower is available at the SafeShelby office for survivors who would like to use it.
  • Follow-up will be provided after the exam to offer counseling and other wrap-around services.

Please call 205-669-7233 if you are in need of a sexual assault forensic exam.

Follow-up Services: Additional services for survivors of sexual assault include counseling, resource referrals, and safe shelter. These services are available to all survivors of sexual assault, regardless of whether or not a forensic exam has taken place at SafeShelby.

Please call 205-419-0634 to schedule follow-up services.