Last week I posted a very moving post about a current client we have and the bravery she had to escape her abusive relationship. However, many people are not able to escape, many people try and try again, taking an average of 7 times to leave an abusive relationship. No one deserves to be battered.

On August 27th at 9am we are hosting our annual 5K walk/run/skip/dance, whichever form of moving you prefer, to raise awareness of domestic and sexual violence in our communities. We will be partnering with many other non-profits, organizations, etc. in the community to showcase the many services and resources that are available to the people of Shelby County. Not only do we hope this event will be fun, family friendly, informational, and helpful we also hope to receive donations. This not only helps us but it makes it easier to continue to help and serve our clients and other victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence when finances are no longer a barrier.

If you love to run and have a group of trail runners we would love to see you there. If you just love sitting and enjoying nature, this is an event for you as well. However, if neither of those are your cup of tea we ask that you would deeply consider coming out anyway to support us

but mainly the many men and women who suffer annually to different kinds of violence.

Click the Sign Up button to register for our 5k, donate, or learn more about our event!